Friday, November 18, 2011

Did you Know That Today ...........?

Is National:

1. Forget Me Not Day

2. Vanilla Cupcake Day

3. Headache Day

4. Toothpaste Day......

isn't it amazing what they come up with?

Have a Great Day !!!!!!

Did you Know That Today ...........?
By the powers vested in me, I do hereby proclaim that henceforth this Day is to be celebrated with all due smiles and laughter, as Lisa_M Day !


You too deserve a great day, dear Lisa !
Reply:Thanks, Lisa !

I have kept reading your Answers, and admire the way you 'make the day' for so many Askers - who repay you with their 'Best Answer' awards.

Sure feel nice about being able to make your day. Report It

Reply:what is amazing is how stupid people could be by bringing up a question like yours . wow. maybe you should get out more.but thanks for the 2 points hun.
Reply:its the Marine Corps birthday too.
Reply:Cool more useless trivia to thrill my friends with. :)
Reply:wow thanks, this is amazing
Reply:what is amazing is that someone thinks we need a toothpaste day????? WHY??????
Reply:Very interesting. Tomorrow is a very important holiday, Veterens Day, just in case you forgot!
Reply:Very interesting.....It is amazing.! !

You have a great day also..! ! !
Reply:Didn't at first, but now I do. Thanks!

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Do hand tattoos hurt considerably more than other areas?

I want 3 forget-me-not flowers starting at the web of my left hand, between my index finger and thumb.

I hear hand and foot tattoos are more painful than other areas? Or is this just a myth?

Do hand tattoos hurt considerably more than other areas?
Yes tattoo's on hands hurt more than other areas because of who close to the bone you are.the closer to a bone the more painful the tattoo. besides the hands.other very painful places are your feet,your neck,your hip,your shoulder blades and the worse place to be tattooed for pain is your rib cage.
Reply:Hands are more painful to tattoo than most other spots
Reply:Anywhere close to sensitive skin or bone is more painful than others. Since the hand and foot aren't covered by much tissue, logically they would be more painful. As are tattoos along the under-arm, inner thigh, hip, shoulder, and back.

Silent Treatment, were not in WTF.?

*My boyfriend has recently been giving me the silent treatment, and I am unaware of his reasoning of why.*

-I have never given him a reason to treat me badly or to ignore me at all. And it hurts that he will not talk to me and give me an explaination of why that is.

*So I'm not sure if this is his lame *** way of breaking up with me or what...but it's immature.

~I've decided to just leave him alone, I mean if he doesn't want to talk to me...then fine. So be it. But I am not going to keep chasing after him...just to be hurt by him.

*I've learned to accept things for the way they are and why he may or may not be talking to me (he's probably cheating) and hey...fu** him....because I know I don't deserve to be treated poorly, especially when I have gone out of my way for him the entire time weve been dating.

*I would cook him homemade dinner and desserts....and do nice little forget me not type things.*

*I'm really a good girlfriend...I'm just a little confused.

Silent Treatment, were not in WTF.?
See when you give boys like him everything and spoil him he'll just feel like he's not challenged.So he'll think that all since she does nice things for me all the time he'll feel as though you didn't challenge him enough by doing everything for him or mostly everything.See most guys don't understand a girls when they give them most of the things they want unless they fought to get it or challenged themselves to get it.See boys in relationships are like hunters,if there's a deer they want to have they want to be challenged to hunt it so they can feel rewarded by them completing there task.And if it's easy for them to hunt the deer it won't feel as special to them.Guys like evasive girls and the girl has to be evasive.See he wanted you to challenge him at the beginning of the relationship by limiting things to him until he deserves them.To be truthful some guys show their asses after you be nice,kind to them,give them things,do little nice things for them.I'm not saying be mean to them i'm just saying challenge them a little more,make them work to win the prize and the prize is you.Good Luck!
Reply:A lot of guy's use the silent treatment as a cooling off period,,, a time for thinking and a time of when they don't want to say the wronge thing so they just keep the silent treatment
Reply:Look if you can't get him to talk, or if he just ignores you, what more does he want you to do? You're asking him whats wrong and if he won't tell you then obviously it's something he can't or won't tell you. or he wants you to figure it out. You seem to not feel anything for him and suspect cheating, you do special things for him but he went the immature route so dump him!!

If he doesn't react with the thought of break up then he obviously was cheating or he doesn't care anymore.

Hope this helps... ;)

Reply:Well look like to me you got all the right answer for yourself. Tell you the truth, there is not a correct answer to why he's doing what he's doing. Like you said he could have met someone else and he thinks that she's more interesting than you or it could be number of other reasons also. Who knows and really who cares. Sound like it's his lost, he had a great lady and threw it away for nothing. One thing for sure he has disregard you for sure. So, be happy you know now instead of later. You are doing the right thing by going on with your life.
Reply:you might have done something to upset him and not know it just try to give him time to come to u before you make any rash decisions
Reply:Communication is the key to any relationship. I have done this to my BF, but have learned to let him know what's bothering me. It sounds like he's irritated with something you did, ask him what's bothering him and go from there. Nothing is worse than getting the silent treatment. Good Luck!
Reply:never stay silent with fresh new batteries
Reply:Dont ignore him!!! Talk to him and try to figure out what is wrong. Be an adult about it. Dont just acuse. Be open to what he has to say. And dont talk down to him or yell. Just be calm.
Reply:This is "Passive-Aggressive" behaviour.

Do stop chasing...
Reply:Now before you go and do anything else, you sit him down and have a very long talk with him. Tell him if you'd done anything wrong it is your right to know about it so that you can correct it. Take it from there. Yes you are a good girl friend that' why you're going to sit him down for that talk.
Reply:screw him. you dont need that.

sounds like his lame as* way of breaking things off. so just leave him alone. he probably likes when you are constantly giving him attention (keep wanting to know why).

so just ignore him. he doesnt deserve you.

What color curtains would you use to go with a set of Chinese brocade slip covers for a sofa?

I have found fabric which I really like in a fuchsia color with white flowers, and the same fabric design in white-on-white for cushions to go with it. I really don't want to make curtains of the same white fabric because it is a little expensive.

I am wishing for something colorful for the living room and am thinking of a forget-me-not blue rug ..... I don't think I can have another strong color, but I can't figure out what sort of fabric to use for the curtains that would be suitable to go with the brocade.

Have you any ideas? Not too expensive .... I keep wishing for some inexpensive cotton ... even a bleached muslin but that is too far down the scale ...... maybe a white polished cotton?????

I have never put such colors together before. I feel very daring.

Peace %26amp; Love

What color curtains would you use to go with a set of Chinese brocade slip covers for a sofa?
Hi peace and love,

It really depends on the colour of your walls-

if you have a soft off white walls i would go for heavy polished fushia cotton curtains with a border trim of the fushia and white and then use a white sheer underneath. the layering and borders is a good strong look. alternatively you could go for a fushia or pale lilac wall shade with heavy white textured curtains and a trim of the fabric you have with the flowers on the curtains - preferably in a silk for a contrast.

enjoy decorating!

Reply:You did not say what clour your walls were,as it is best not to have too many colours in a room,iwould suggest you just stick to 3.Therefore i personnally go for very pale curtains in a off white,in a cotton or a none shinely satin,this would allow light in to the room,the rug sounds good so if you were to use pale colours you could then have tie backs for the curtains in either the fuchsia or the colour of the rug.
Reply:ditch the forget me knot rug, go with turquoise and gold, which will keep the exotic and striking theme . The forget me knot rug will clash
Reply:Black goes great with almost anything especially multicolors.

Or, you can go with a sea green, kelly green, slate blue, or gray.

Experiment! Have fun..
Reply:If you have fuschia and blue, I'd bring in a soft green to balance the color palatte. You could look for a drapery print in either a stripe or a print that would be subtle and bring all of your colors together. Joann Fabrics has nice flat folds of discontinued drapery fabrics for $3-5/yard that are really nice. You might check them first and go from there to the Waverly or other pricier prints.
Reply:Try Plaid. With all those colours that seems about right.

Indoor Gardening in the city?

I have sunny windows and I already have chosen some herbs to grow.

Do you have suggestions for flowers that will be happy growing indoors in the city. I won't be planting before February because I don't think they will do as well if I don't wait for spring to arrive ... kind of planting off-season for this part of the country (northeastern U.S.) How about: nasturtium, marigolds, nicotiana,

baby's breath, some petunias ... some tall forget-me-not, alyssum ... do you think they would resent being

put into smallish pots ... I would like to crowd in as much as I can, but is that ok? Have you any suggestions for what might be happy indoors... I keep wanting to grow moon flowers but I know that won't work ... but they smell so good. Would jasmine work. And gardenias. Somehow, I must get my apartment smelling like a greenhouse. Carnations.... oh, please, have you any ideas? Thank you ever so much. LPM

Indoor Gardening in the city?
I have grown geraniums in the house all winter long and they will keep blooming - year round - pinch off leggy growth - make sure they have a sunny window. they are magical....

Also try several ferns - and orchids, they love the indoors. Orchids start blooming in Jan-february - they are not difficult to grow. Lot's of growing info on the net. good luck!

opera music

I need door dec ideas! Alpha Phi Omega?

I'm in alpha phi omega,a co-ed community service fraternity, and I'm in charge of making door decs. I need suggestions for ideas... my co-chair suggested an eagle (one of our symbols)... but also we have a diamond (which would be easier), an oak tree, forget- me- not, and our colors are blue and gold... I don't know if that's private info.... I'd think not... but yea... I need ideas... even things maybe not relating to these symbols... just service in general would be ok...

I need door dec ideas! Alpha Phi Omega?
I also was in APO. Personally, I think a blue background with a golden eagle on top would look cool.
Reply:you could hang a fish on the door. That would be really cool.

Vote For Band Name!!?

Hey everybody, me and my friends have put together a band. WHOO HOO! Weve been playing for a while now but have one problem, we dont have a name... We've put together some names for people to vote for and laid them out on our Myspaces, AIM profiles, etc. I though about posting them here!! So please vote and ill add it to our list, and no we arent emo, but our bass player is though... Thanks!

~Everybody's Person

~Animosity Machine

~Deadly Living

~Social Misalignment

~Forget Me Not

~Glass Shard Memory

~Perfect Capital

~Severed Soul

~Love Note Decoy

~Every Broken Heart


~Continously Falling

~Forever Broken

~Last Regret

Vote For Band Name!!?
i like Love Note Decoy and Forever Broken....:-)
Reply:love note decoy or last regret

Good names.
Reply:here are the top 5 i like the best ; 1 is best .

1. Last Regret

2. Forget me not

3. every broken heart

4. Forever broken

5 Love note decay
Reply:Animosity Machine
Reply:my vote: Severed Soul. But if I had a band, I would call it "Trigger Finger" or "Load".
Reply:Animosity Machine
Reply:idk all of them are really kool!!!!

Reply:severed soul
Reply:none of the above
Reply:a word of advice. If 3/4 of the band isn't emo, then you shouldn't have an emo sounding name.
Reply:these all suck. they come off sounding emo or goth wanna be. you should go back to the drawing board. what/who do you sound like? what bands have had a direct influence on your sound? if you update your question, that will help.
Reply:Forever Broken
Reply:animosity machine

or social misalignment

or severed soul

theyre all pretty good!
Reply:My vote is on Love Note Decoy, followed by Last Regret
Reply:love note decoy or last regret
Reply:I'd go with either Deadly Living [or Living Deadly] or Love Note Decoy...
Reply:Animosity machine

good luck